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Treehouse Masters Season 2 Episode 11

Treehouse Masters Season 2 Episode 11

The matriarch of a multi-generational Memphis family with a retreat in a wild bird paradise reaches out to Pete to build a giant bird nest treehouse. This “human nest” will pay homage to the magnificent egret nests that line the family’s lake, and will be housed in two hackberry trees and one sturdy oak. The two-story retreat will feature driftwood railings woven to truly look like a living nest, a Southern-style living area, and twelve hand-crafted windows. The exterior will feature a wraparound screen-porch, wildlife viewing deck, and a dumbwaiter rigged to send Southern sweet tea to the roof during sunset bird watching sessions.

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Serie: Treehouse Masters

Episode Title: Birds Nest-WRONG SEASON

Air Date: 2014-06-27

Year: 2014